Welcome to Sawidji Gallery, home to our art community. Cherishing the honesty of the creative spirit. We are passionate about cultivating art, culture and community spirit in transforming society. As a creative collective, our focus centres on providing appropriate resources for cross-platform integration to aid artists and appropriate commercial channels. All the while staying true to our belief that fine art cannot be the object of continued over-commercialisation.

Sawidji honours and celebrate our gifts. A home of learning and creation, for those with a desire and appreciation of Nature, Art and all Her gifts.

Dewi Dian

Exhibitions and Collaborations

In addition to our community partners, Sawidji is also an independent fine art studio and gallery. We have regular projects and collaborations with local and visiting artists. In general our exhibitions are generally every two months. It is worth noting that previous exhibitions and collaborations are available in our archives as well as under our ‘Explore Art’ section as online presentations.

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Sawidji Gallery

Our artists each have their inspiring journeys. Learn their stories. Explore our articles, programs and gallery of artworks

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Sawidji Studio

Our art and photography studio focuses on the art process, especially fine art photography. It is simply about captures.

Sawidji Home to Community Values

Our art studio gallery focuses the creativity and resources of our community in a united direction. Relevant and progressive. All the while connected to the rapid changes in the world at the same time keeping strong our unique and special identity.

Our gallery, our network and platform, operate with the values of transparency and teamwork that we believe in. Perhaps most importantly, we are both humbled and proud to share the amazing artworks created by our artists. In truth, artworks that carry with them generations of skill and knowledge, as well as valuable life lessons.

Art Classes and Workshops

It is important to mention that knowledge sharing and education is a primary values within Sawidji. With that in mind, we offer classes and workshops that range from private tuition to artist masterclasses. Also, our programs are steadily growing. You can learn more about classes and upcoming workshops go to EXPLORE ART.

Sawidji Articles

Sawidji With Love Shop

It may be said that the creative imagination of original artworks by artists is what inspires quality apparel and designs in Sawidji With Love. To this end, our artists are designing wonderful products that feature their art that hopefully will encourage even better appreciation of creative authenticity. All the while our online gallery shop provides a seamless path for artists to translate art into designs to be enjoyed every day.

Sawidji Gallery Home Page

Sawidji With Love

Fashion Designed by Artists, for their Art

Fine Art For Sale

Sawidji Art Community Partners

Sawidji believes in the power of art as a connecting bridge towards positive transformations. We translate this into very real community collaborations. Encouraging a transparent, mutually positive network of institutions, art spaces, and private and retail service providers from within our artist community. In our first two years, we have collaborated with some amazing partners. Therefore we look forward to walking this path together with our friends.

Along with our passion for the creative drive, there is also our love of our rich history and culture. With that purpose in mind our articles, discussions with artists and interviews with community members offer a very intimate and first-hand view of Balis’ art and culture today. In essence, we dedicate our energies here as a testament to the incredible gifts our heritage has imparted to the creative life we have today. Given this gratitude, it is in this sharing that we hope you will share in its joy and bounty.

We have highlights on special collections that range from retrospectives to debut works by contemporary artists from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds.


Dr. Livinghome Google Review

I had a watercolor lesson and it was fantastic. So inspiring to be in a creative space with creative people who truly love and honor art. Thank you so much!

Dr. Livinghome

Alla Dokshorova Sawidji Art Gallery is inspiring space with unique art and an amazing atmosphere. I had unforgettable experience on watercolor painting class with talented Kaprus Jaya! Definitely will visit again!

Alla Dokshorova

A beautiful place. the studio owner is very professional and kind. The art corner is very unique & highly recommended. we would love to be back soon❤️

Erika Tevya

We were the last batch at saturday session of Red Chair & The White Room @Sawidji Gallery, Ubud.Come & see for yourself, beautiful artworks to enjoy & to owned🤩 Kloter pengungjung terakhir, nampak rada serius, karena memang karya nya artistic dan bagus

Mirah Maheswari

Michael Lane Google Review

Discovered this wonderful art gallery on Jl. Cempaka, Mas, Ubud where I met the gallery owner, staff and collaborating artists for the current show, “Red Chair, White Room.” The show is an excellent example of modern visual storytelling via beautiful art photography. There is also a boutique room displaying modern local art, and an opportunity to purchase items with the art printed on them. The gallery provides much intrigue and discovery despite its relatively small space. A treat visit for anyone who appreciates conceptual art and stunning art photography. I have already made a repeat visit.

Michael Lane

    Sawidji Artist Collective is a community of friends, artists, sculptors, carvers and artisans, who agree on the imperativeness to revive the intrinsic value of the arts in Ubud, before so much of it is lost through over commercialisation.
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