About Ketut Kaprus Jaya

Ketut Kaprus Jaya, contemporary artist in Bali. Born in Budakeling Karangasem Regency Bali, on the 15th July 1970. A veteran of the highs and lows of Balinese Art Industry, he has remained constant to his art with no prevarications. Through three decades of professional art practice, Ketut Kaprus Jaya has maintained and guarded the purity of his creative process. True to self, to the moment, to Nature.

Ketut Kaprus Jaya was an active member of Sawidji Team until September 2022. Due to his outside activities, he is no longer active in any internal projects.

Ketut Kaprus Jaya

Art is like life. It’s always changing, nothing stays the same.

Kaprus Jaya

For Ketut ‘Kaprus’ Jaya, art is living. There is no exclusion of art from his life. Through his art he processes his own relationship to his environment, to people, to his own inner reflections. Returning to the purest, most honest dialogue with himself and the moment in the world he is in.

As a contemporary artist in Bali today, Kaprus Jaya has two distinct styles that he exercises equally diligently. As a result of the strong commerciality of the art scene locally. The use of watercolour for ‘en plen air’ pieces as he travels and explores different destinations and allows him to teach painting to students.

In Ketut Kaprus Jaya’s watercolours, his technical strength is evident. Through this regular application of ‘en plen air’ watercolours he continues to hone a technical mastery as a key pillar in his art practice. The division of the two styles do reflect the artist’s own method of expressing different facets of himself. Perhaps one may say that one deals with the aspect that is relatable to the external world. Whilst the other is pure, absolutely pure of the inner self. Intuitive, meditative, spontaneous. Filled with an innocence. With the intangible, Spirit and emotion.

Sawidji Gallery

Kaprus Jaya, Contemporary Artist Bali.

A personal dialogue between himself and the truth of the moment. A dialogue that is remarkable in its willingness to be completely exposed and vulnerable due to its ruthless honesty.

This in fact makes up his far more complex works. Often loosely categorised as abstract expressionist art with symbolic nuances.

In 2022, Kaprus Jaya had an exhibition ‘More than a Likeness‘ exploring an intuitive journey through portraiture and was part of Sawidji Gallery Collaborative Exhibition Red Chair and the White Room.


Born : Budakeling, Karangasem, Bali. 15 July 1970

Education : STSI Denpasar


2010 – Present

  • ‘More than a Likeness’ a Journey in Intuitive Portraiture, Sawidji Gallery 2022
  • Exhibition Bali Mega Rupa, NEKA Museum Ubud, 2021
  • Exhibition of Fine Arts ‘Kerthamasa’ Agung Rai Museum of Art, Ubud 2020
  • Solo Exhibition “Ocean And The Subconscious” November 7th 2015 – 7 January 2016, Kubu Art Space, Ubud, Bali. EXHIBITION EXPERIENCE TOGETHER
  • Joint Exhibition “PRISM” 11 August 2018 – 19 November 2018,
  • Sudakara Art Space, Sanur Denpasar, Bali.
  • Joint Exhibition “Reinterpreting Culture #3” 27 December 2017 – 17 February 2018, Denpasar Art Space, Denpasar, Bali.
  • Joint Exhibition “WOI 2016 Wall Of Indonesia” 7 may – 14 July 2016, Bloo Lagoon Padang Bai, Bali
  • “New World” IV Taste Travel Group Exhibition 6th August 2016, Bentara Budaya, Bali.
  • Second Exhibition “Rumination On Bali”, 1 – 31 July 2016, Museum Arma Project, Ubud, Bali.
  • Taste Travel Group III Exhibition “Ruat Bhuana” May 24 – 24 July 2015, Puri Painting Museum Ubud, Bali.
  • The Lempuyang Community Joint Exhibition “ROH (Reality Of Humanity)“ 17 – 24 May 2014, Maha Art Gallery, Renon Denpasar.
  • Joint Exhibition “Bali Artists Camp 2014”, Budhiana Gallery, 7 September – 7 October 2014, Villa Pandan Harum, Lod Tunduh, Ubud.
  • Taste Travel Group II Exhibition “Echo Merdeka” 15 – 25 August, Bali Cultural Herald.
  • Kompas 2013 short story illustration exhibition, Bentara Budaya Jakarta.
  • Taste Travel Group Exhibition I, 12 December 2012 – 12 January 2013, at the Maha Art Gallery, Renon, Denpasar.
  • Exhibition at Expansionist Art Empire Gallery extendid to December 22, 2012, Netherlands.
  • Joint Exhibition “BALI ARTISTS CAMP EXHBITION” 19 october
  • November 19, 2012, Gallery Budhiana Villa Pandan Harum, Lodtunduh, Ubud.
  • Two Exhibitions “TWO DI LINE LEFT #2”, YaYAA Warung, Sanur,Bali.
  • Joint Exhibition “SEHATI-HATI” Lempuyang Group, Griya Santrian Gallery, Sanur, Bali.

2010- 2000

  • Joint Exhibition “Bali Insperies”, Rudana Museum Ubud Bali.
  • Joint Exhibition “The New World Chronicle”, Gallery Hanna Art Space, Ubud Bali.
  • Joint Exhibition “The Story of Two Cities” at Sangkring, Art Space, Yogyakarta. KETUT JAYA Kaprus
  • Joint Exhibition of Bendega Art “ENVIRONMENTAL ART”, Amed, Karangasem, Bali.
  • Participated in UNCCC “Plastic Waste Work”, Nusadua, Bali.
  • “FACES” exhibition, Egon eV Passau, Germany.
  • Joint Exhibition “SENSITIVE” Lempuyang Group, Danes Art Veranda, Denpasar.
  • Joint Exhibition “BACK TO NATURE”, Retro Fine Art, Sanur, Bali.:
  • Joint Exhibition “IRAMA KESADARAN” Lempuyang Group, at Art Centre, Bali.
  • Joint Exhibition “ARTENTION” Pasar Rakyat Matamera, Denpasar,
  • Bali.
  • Joint Exhibition of Contemporary Balinese Art at Bantara Budaya Jakarta.
  • Joint Exhibition “Mini is Beautiful” at Paros Gallery Sukawati, Bali.


  • Joint Exhibition “Lempuyang Group” at the Hilton Hotel, Surabaya.
  • The “MILLENNIUM” Exhibition with Sanggar Dewata Indonesia in six Museums, Bali.
  • “MATAHATI” Sketch and Drawing Joint Exhibition at the Art Center, Bali.
  • Joint Exhibition “Lempuyang Group” at Hotel Puri Bagus Candidasa, Bali.
  • Joint Exhibition “KAMASRA” STSI Denpasar.
  • Joint Exhibition “Lempuyang Group” Matahari Resort Singaraja, Bali.
  • Joint Exhibition “Gelis Group” ubud, Bali.
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