About I Dewa Putu Gede Artha

Dewa Putu Gede Artha is born and raised in Pengosekan Ubud. He has grown up in the traditional system. Like many working in the hotel industry, he observes the effects of tourism.

Throughout his life, he has seen the influence and effects of tourism not only for Bali but specifically, the community in Ubud.

He himself has primarily worked in the hospitality industry, within the Hotel Administration sector as well as a private guide. He has observed that tourisms’ impact on his community has emphasised the need to safeguard Balinese culture and traditions.

I Dewa Putu Gede Artha

I know the people at Sawidji, I feel that it is peaceful, friendships there. I think from that situation from that few people, there will be ideas born from this group.

Dewa Artha

The painting style in which he has been trained, is Flora Fauna Style of Pengosekan. 

‘I learned painting from my father. The method is traditional, the subject is flora fauna.  You have to be very patient. Perhaps I am an impatient son.. I remember this lesson from my father the most.

To learn the traditional method, requires a lot of patience. There are many steps. Some of those steps: include sketching, nyawi, ngabur, colouring and finishing. In the traditional method, it is noteworthy to know that colouring and finishing are two separate stages pf the process.

Dewa Artha’s Work Experience

I have experience in traditional painting/balinese style painting and my work experience has primarily been in the hospitality/ tourism industry. From 1994 I have worked with many different people and as a guide have been lucky to meet many people and gain insight to many places around the world.

Dewa Artha
Upcoming Projects

We are happy that Dewa Artha has joined Sawidji Artist Collective and is working on multiple projects. He continues to provide tour guide services. In addition, he believes there needs to be action to nurture the communities traditions. This plays a large role in his involvement with Sawidji Artist Collective.

Dewa works with us as a researcher and writer document the traditional methods practiced in the arts in our local areas. Methods that are in many ways already fast disappearing. This is in fact due to very few of our younger generation choosing careers in the path of their parents or grandparents. With each passing generation there are fewer who carry on the traditional skills.

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