About Yani


One of the things that we at Sawidji feel strongly about, is the value of collaboration and truly working together. This is not always easy. Especially in business, a good partnership that is equal in its give and take is hard to find. That is the wonderful part of our story with Yani. From the very first day we met Yani, her honesty, professional courtesy and pride in her work made her a very special valued partner to our projects.

I am a wife and mother, that by chance and circumstance happened into the fashion industry. Specifically in garment production. As a young adult I started out in the work force within the food and beverage sector as a waitress. Because I was bored working as waitress, I changed my job. I started to work in an art shop.


Yani changed her job around the year 2000 and began working at an art/fashion boutique that marketed more of an Indian style. From there, she recollects that she had her first desire to one day have a boutique of her own.It was perhaps somewhat fortuitous that she happened to meet and marry a man whose profession was a tailor.

The feeling of wanting to have my own label, my own shop began to grow. However, it was a shame, since for a long time the roadblock was economical. The cost of leasing a shop, outfitting and running costs was too much. So I decided to continue still doing what I enjoy, by being on the production line. Growing a business that produces garments for other designers.


This is when we met with Yani. Sawidji had begun to look at product lines that our artists wished to develop. Textiles was definitely part of that. After a difficult start, finding a production partner with similar value system and approach was quite a challenge. All of us here at Sawidji feel assured and grateful for Yani’s honest and efficient approach to all our projects.

Looking Ahead

It was then a natural progression, throughout our conversations, that her aspirations would come to light. From mutual encouragement and sharing of experiences and skills Yani is now creating her own label in collaboration with Sawidji. ‘Singing Bird’ @ Sawidji is the fruits of this partnership.

We look forward to many more of Yanis’ beautiful designs. From over 20 years in the fashion production industry and customers all over the world, her knowledge and experience adds a down to earth, practicality to fashion trends. Making her designs tailored for living, quality and comfort.

Yani of Singing Bird Designs at Sawidji With Love

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