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Sawidji Studio Art Photography is founded on a partnership. One that focuses on the cultivating fine arts in the field of photography. This initiative began with Dewi Dian Reich and ManButur Suantara.

There are influences from commercial and technological directions that take us away from a purely creative process. The Sawidji Studio initiative continues the three primary values of Sawidji. As a mutual reminder of our wish to nurture the arts in Photography.

  • Art only for the cultivation of Art.
  • Commercial viability in an appropriate channel that does not diminish the integrity of creative development.
  • Education and knowledge sharing.

ManButur Sawidji Art

“The art in photography is not just taking a picture. It is not just technical. It is putting soul in the frame that you want to create as an image. So there can be a different story through your photograph. ManButur and Sawidji together in Sawidji Studio Photography, we are finding a new driving inspiration to give our fine art photography life. ”

~ManButur Suantara

Dewi Dian Reich Sawidji Gallery
Dewi Dian Reich

Dewi Dian Reich is the Founder of Sawidji Gallery & Co. As an artist and writer, she is passionate about nurturing the pure creative collaborations that drive Sawidji and Sawidji Studio Fine Art Photography. Through creativity, and in a community spirit. Through knowledge-sharing and inspiring dialogues perhaps others may enjoy the beauty and wisdom of the creative process.

About Dewi Dian

ManButur Suantara Sawidji Gallery
ManButur Suantara

ManButur Suantara is an Artist and Photographer. ManButur’s extensive professional portfolio shows a diverse mastery of many photographic genres. ManButur is passionate about pure classical photography. As well as in the role photography plays in environmental and wildlife protection. He brings his knowledge and experience to Sawidji Studio Fine Art Photography.

About ManButur Suantara

Sawidji Studio Collaborations in Art Photography

From the beginning of Sawidji Studio initiative, we aimed to bridge photography and fine art disciplines and unite them as part of a seamless creative language. Sawidji Collaborations bring a new perspective, translating art as one language and disciplines can merge seamlessly together for the strength of the theme. Sawidji Studio is a key component of two exhibitions that were held in our Gallery. Bringing conceptual art through portrait narratives in ‘Red Chair and the White Room’ and ‘Kala and the Guardians’.

The ‘Red Chair and the White Room’ is a collaborative presentation that looks upon current social and cultural changes through a symbolic portrait narrative. A mixed-media installation with art photography, painting, costume and performance.

‘Kala and the Guardians’ explore themes of time, earth and spirit and our own personal relationship and impacts on each. Through costume, installation and photography by Dewi Dian and ManButur inviting a response from artist Nyoman Handi to its themes.

Red Chair White Room Part II

Red Chair and the White Room

Bumi VI Sawidji Gallery Giclee Print

Kala and the Guardians

Our Vision Ahead

With this partnership with Sawidji Studio Art Photography, our portfolio displays a range of genres. Together, we bring a wide range of technical and artistic exposures. And we find this combination quite exciting. The creative possibilities ahead of us. It takes us in a direction that we can journey together. In a collaborative and creative spirit.

Sawidji Studio Fine Art Photography

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The Power of Topeng Tua Photography by Dewi Dian Reich Sawidji

Fine Art Portraiture

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