About Dewa Dode Partha

My name is Dewa Gede Agung Partha Wijaya, my friends call me Dode. I am the son of two artists. My mother is a daughter from a sculpting family and my father is a painter. My education was standard until secondary school. However in High School I made a clear shift to study, 100% towards IT, focusing on technical and networking subjects.

Dewa Dode Partha

An IT graduate, forward thinking and entrepreneurial Dode Partha has come full circle and returning back to his birthright. Art. Artistic talents that has chanced to be forgotten is opening a new path for the future.

Early Experiences

In the first year of University, I studied computer systems, programming. After my first year, I could not continue my studies immediately because I could not pay the tuition fees. So I worked. I worked as computer technician, also with an IT provider. It didn’t suit me.

I was lucky I had an opportunity to work with a business that produced jewellery from natural gemstones in Indonesia. I learned a lot about management there.

A Student’s Struggle

In my final year of university, I was doin my thesis, building a software program whilst working. Managing both my final year load and a full time job means I did not sleep very much. But, I am glad to say I managed to get through doing both. Even if it took a little longer. It took two years instead of one to finish my final year. My graduation assignment was the software I designed, which was tested and implemented by a financial institution.

After I finished University, that first year out was truly remarkable. I worked really hard in my job. My experience there inspired me to start my own business. It was sad to leave after working there for several years. But it was a decision I felt certain about. And ready to try something on y own.

Dewa Dode Partha

Failures are a Precursor to Success

I tried my own business. Several actually. Building my own websites, as a computer technician servicing computers. But it did not work out. I tried making different products to sell. Hang Pan Drums, Leather bags etc. many things. In the end, I think I hit a wall. I even forgot that I had a skill. With stones and with art.


I was lucky to have met a Taiwanese fashion designer. So we decided to work together. I produce jewellery for their designs. From small beginnings, and now there is already a shop and showroom in Taiwan.

Looking Ahead with Sawidji

That is where I am now. Managing through, but still hoping to do more of my own designs. I have known Dewi and her husband Adhi for a long time. Since I was very young. Our families know each other. Dewi discussed a project that is good. Because until this time, until the time I met with Sawidji, I was not able to release my own designs even though I have them. With my business partners, I produce for their designs. Our Jewellery goes to Taiwan, United States and South Africa.

With Sawidji, I have support to create my own designs, my own style, and I will make them myself. I am looking forward to this.

Dewa Dode Partha
Dewa Dode Partha

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