About Dewa Gede Widiana

Dewa Gede Widiana was born in September 1999. In Banjar Guliang Kangin, Desa Tamanbali, Bangli. His story is one that is just beginning. A talent progressive and sensitive, still undergoing many internal transitions and discoveries.

He is one that stands for hope and renewal, as one of our young artists who truly embodies the union of tradition and the future in his creations.

Dewa Gede Widiana

The love for art began, specifically for painting, even when I was still in primary school. At which time, painting was something that was very enjoyable, something I enjoyed just as much as playing.

Even in high school, the act of drawing and painting stayed a constant pastime, never really absent even for a day.

Many people looked down on the pursuit of art as a career, but even so, their criticism became a whip of motivation, encouraging me to move forward.

Dewa Gede Widiana


He underwent his primary and secondary education in Tamanbali public schooling system. S

His enjoyment of painting was such, that he pursued the senior part of his secondary education through an art focused college. A secondary education school SMK Negeri 1 Sukawati or otherwise known as SMSR (Sekolah Menengah Seni Rupa).

Here he learned many aspects about art that he did not know before. Despite many criticisms, Dewa Gede Widiana had a love for art and painting that he could not keep hidden. And throughout his formal education, would often win competitions, receive awards or accreditations of merit for his work.

Tertiary Studies

Even after graduation, he had the opportunity to work with an art house. However Dewa Gede Widiana decided to discontinue working there in order to pursue his education in Fine Arts. He continues his studies of art at the Institute of Art Indonesia (Institut Seni Indonesia Denpasar).

Community Support

There was support and encouragement from his friends, community and always from his parents who all hope for him to continue to improve and succeed . It is this that make him feel extremely grateful towards friends, teachers and everyone who encourage him wholeheartedly on his path.

Hope for the Future

That I can be an artist of quality, whether that is through my art or by way of my character. Even a diamond needs time to process to become beautiful, certainly to become meaningful.

Dewa Gede Widiana

As a young artistic talent, it is not surprising that his works are going through wonderful transitions. This is the time it is rich with transformations, as he himself goes through many experiences of awareness and discovery.

Regardless of the changes, what remains obvious is the raw talent and maturity in his visual language. A sensitivity to the language of line and colour, alive with the artist’s sentiments and feelings. Sawidji Gallery is excited to see the unveiling of this young artists’ next chapter of self discovery.

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