Dewa Tresna Nadi

Dewa Tresna Nadi

Classically trained in the traditional method, Dewa went on to study contemporary techniques. A calm presence with deep mindfulness. His art reveals his discernment of society and their veneers. His self reflections wonderful and frank. Dewa Tresna joins Sawidji towards the end of our first year and we look forward to future collaborations with a wonderful talent.

How did you learn to paint?

Growing up in Pengosekan Ubud, this is a painting village. Influenced by my environment to learn painting. My uncle from my Father’s side is a painter. From a young age I was already exposed to the world of painting. When I started, I was immediately drawn to art and painting.

When I first began, I was taught the principles of traditional painting. The method is what I learned. Without any explanation on its history or theory of the art. I chose to continue until the end of high school. That is, continue to study art. That is where I learned modern art. I chose modern art because I had mastered the traditional method from my family teachings.

Dewa Tresna on Modern and Traditional Styles

You can say that modern style is more free. You are able to make a process simple. Traditional method have more rules. More structure andorder. I enjoy traditional method more. Maybe it feels safer. Why is it safer? that is hard to explain. Maybe from the touch of the bamboo brush. And the way that we mix ink on our own hands. The process is very tactile, you really are one with the process.

There is no rush and is quite meditative. I enjoy nyawi the most (note:This is the part of the traditional process that places all the outlines of the composition with Indian ink via bamboo brush). When you have finished with ‘nyawi’ you can already see what it will be. What your painting will become.

Dewa Tresna on the condition of art in Bali

Actually, what I feel now is the value of art has decreased , seventy five percent is all commercial. Even I am sometimes influenced when making a painting with the idea of what is trending and what will sell more easily. One thing from the COVID pandemic effect, painting more as a result. So that’s a good thing. Between driving and art of course I enjoy painting more, but I get paid more driving.

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