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This is a coming together of ManButur Suantara and Sawidji. A partnership that focuses on the cultivation of fine arts in the field of photography.

Water in Black and White

Water in Black and White

Water. ManButur’s Black and White collection of landscapes. Poetic captures across his travels. Through the islands of Indonesia. Includes the series Water in Black and White.

ManButur Sawidji

Fine Art Portraiture

Portraits by Dewi Dian Reich.

Joy of Fortitude


Fortitude of Wildflowers by Dewi Dian Reich. Our blossoming hills and rambling terraces. Here, the overlooked and the forgotten, in the quiet, they bloom.

Wings and Things I

Wings and Things,

Wings and Things. In photography, we plan for certain outcomes. The joy of ‘Wings and Things’ is the absence of any planning and an outcome that simply delighted.

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