About Komang Suardiana

A contemporary painter that has grown amidst the richness of traditional art disciplines in Ubud. Immersed in the beauty of his culture and the contemporary fusions of tradition and foreign influences that is so well integrated in the Ubud community. As a result, his sharpened talents have grown with a unique depth. A sensitivity to both heritage and the present social issues that may be pivotal in the future.

Komang Suardiana, contemporary artist bali

My personal message for fine art, I would like fine art to develop in the future because I believe every year there will be a new generation of young artists who want to continue their life path in the art world.

Komang Suardiana

Komang Suardiana joined Sawidji Gallery in August 2021. His works exploring the spirit of Bali is part of Sawidji Gallery’s Group Exhibition ‘Sacred Home’.

In his own words…

Early Life

I was born on October 16, 1990 in Gianyar-Bali. The third child of father I Ketut Rawa and Made Sari. Their background as parents of 3 children was to work as a sculptor. And my mother sells statues to the art market, art shop or gallery. To fulfill the simple life of their family and children. Since I started studying in elementary school, I didn’t know art. All I knew was doodles and drawings in the events I saw.


After 2003, I started school at Kerta Budaya Mas Middle School in Ubud. There I began to have an interest in studying painting and sculpture. My interest encouraged me to study painting. This was because I felt the beauty of art and culture as well as tourism in the Ubud area. From there I started to learn drawing on paper using pencil, watercolor and oil paint techniques on canvas.

In 2006 I graduated from Junior High School (SMP), I want to continue to SMK 1 Sukawati or (SMSR). This desire of mine does not move away from my hobby of drawing and the encouragement of my family.

Tertiary Education

In 2009 I graduated from SMKN 1 Sukawati (SMSR), I continued to Higher Education at the Indonesian Fine Arts Institute known as ISI Denpasar. From what I learned studying painting at SMSR, I began to finalize it at ISI Denpasar. From my experience there, I learned a lot about painting techniques, themes, concepts, and contemporary ink art to strengthen my own painting style.


Seeing me, my time and days are filled with painting activities. In 2006-2009 I began to know the name of the seni rupa (fine art) at SMSR, I learned a lot of knowledge of realist painting techniques. I began to learn about local artists such as I Made Supens (deceased), Mangu Putra and I Made Djirna by visiting exhibitions and galleries.

Early Conceptual Development

In 2012 I started taking the duck theme for my assignment, completing my semester assignments and final project in 2014 with the title duck as a metaphor. From taking my theme, it is not far from my experience in nature with the social life of the surrounding environment so that it can be easily expressed into a painting. In 2014 I graduated from a fine arts degree and decided to continue to paint and continue to use the duck theme as a metaphor until 2016, there I wanted to change the theme because the theme in 2012-2016 was very difficult for me to develop and change the cultural theme in 2017-2020

Focus on Culture and Society

From the next 3 years, I produced several works centred on Balinese culture such as the objects of Ox, Banda Naga, Topeng, Barong and others. In 2020 I felt a little bored with what I got before. I feel that the cultural theme I developed in the painting style and visuals of my own work was too narrow. In that year I began to explore the themes of animals again. As a metaphor for social life and produced several paintings until now in 2021.

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