Ketut Kaprus Jaya
Ketut Kaprus Jaya

Travelling to Nepal and Bhutan in 2019, Ketut Jaya captures his experiences there, through watercolours that vibrates with energy, mastery and earthy joy.

Article and Photography by Dewi Dian Reich

Bhutan Watercolours. Ketut Jaya has exhibited extensively through his abstract expressionist work, which dominates his art. However, Ketut Jaya’s watercolours carry a luminance and energy both due to technique as well as feeling. With a love of painting ‘en plein air’, his works carry an immediacy from his environment which is fused with his raw intuitive energy.

Kaprus Jaya Bhutan Watercolour Travel Journal

In early 2020, during a journey to Nepal and Bhutan Kaprus Jaya recorded his impressions through his watercolours. During this period as mentioned in the Nepal series, there is something exceptionally special of his works from this time. The lightness and crispness captured emanates with the artists’ joy from his travels here.

Bhutan Travel Journal Kaprus Jaya
Bhutan II

In Bhutan, the freshness of breathing in the natural landscape, and the warmth of the hospitality he received during his time there is held within his en plen air watercolours. In contrast with the grittiness of the Nepal series, we find this earthy, yet idyllic mood instead.

Bhutan Watercolours
Punakha Dzong

Kaprus Jaya shares his Memories of Bhutan

In sitting together with Kaprus Jaya discussing his Bhutan Watercolours one evening, he shared his impressions and keen memories from his travel to Bhutan. They accompany this series of watercolours to complete a rare and heartfelt travel journal.

In his own words..

My first impression of arriving in Bhutan it is a country that is unique . Firstly its so green. There are no plastics.The people are friendly. I sometimes think it was perhaps like Bali in the 1960’s. Maybe,.. if you describe through the environment, there are lots of hills and they really prioritise the care of their environment.

The people are very respectful. The people are respectful of trees, lakes and their culture. They truly protect their culture and traditions. They love nature. When you meet the people, my impression is that they are open. And they really enjoy that connection that they make with you. So you feel that, their warmth and friendship.

Kaprus Jaya on his first impressions of Bhutan

Above are portraits of artist Kaprus Jaya wearing the traditional garb of Bhutan which is named ‘Gho’. Photography by Dewi Dian Reich.

In Bhutan the people are really disciplined and structured with their efforts to protect traditions and heritage. In their daily lives the people there dress in the majority in their traditional clothes. Whether they are government officials or students in school. I loved to see this. It was very artistic to see this. The legacy of their ancestors are being kept.

They are very respectful of their kingdom.They are really disciplined and structured with their efforts to protect their tradition and heritage.

Kaprus Jaya on Bhutans’ safeguarding traditions.

Their traditional art is truly supported by their government. The quality of their art, their traditional art is very appealing. Using natural materials and the pride they have in carrying out their traditions is what makes the spirit of their art still strong.

Their art community is always brought to participate in their public places by the administrations. Like airport murals and public spaces. So this support from the national administration towards art and culture is very visible and admirable.

Kaprus Jaya on his observations regarding support of traditional arts in Bhutan.
Bhutan Watercolours Travel Journal Kaprus Jaya
Bhutan IV

I really enjoyed seeing their temples. Even this they involved many artists in the design and architectural furnishings. It feels compact. Like a close knit family. It was very fortunate that I was able to go there. Even from this perspective, there is much to respect and admire. The way that there are control measures implemented within the tourism industry. There are restrictions yes to tourism but this you can see actually has saved their culture and environment.

It is a joy to see this part of the world through the eyes and heart of this artist. The following collection explores the Ketut Kaprus Jaya’ impressions and admiration of Bhutan and the memorable experiences he had there.

Bhutan Watercolours Travel Journal Kaprus Jaya
Bhutan III

Ketut Jaya’s ‘Nepal and Bhutan Travel Journal Series’ are available for purchase. Available in Sawidji April 2022. Browse through the artists impressions of Kathmandu and note the contrasting mood and style between the two series.

See Ketut Kaprus Jaya’s Contemporary Abstract Expressionist Art at Sawidji Artist Collective and Gallery.

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