Drifting Creatures
Drifting Creatures

Ocean driftwood sculptures, their hidden shapes and inner voices uncovered. Through the expressive touch of artist Kaprus Jaya at Sawidji Gallery.

‘Reusable’ and ‘recycled’ are both terms circulating within different art processes. I had some conversations recently that echo my own musings about the passing of time and how they transform ‘objects’ in our lives. Some of my favourite things are weathered by time. I imagine they carry many memories and those memories are a vibrating energy that connects us in an intangible way. The object is the channel of those memories.

An old table that may have been in our bedrooms from childhood, with all its scratches and markings throughout the years. A favourite hat or winter scarf that has kept us warm in the most comforting way. These belonging seem to have personality about them. Perhaps we have imprinted something of ourselves on them.

'Scream' by Kaprus Jaya Driftwood Sculpture at Sawidji Gallery
‘Teriakan’ Scream by Kaprus Jaya Drifting Creatures Driftwood Sculptures

When I think of Kaprus Jaya’s Drifting Creatures, I feel something a little more profoundly. Reminding me of the similar musings. But its not quite the same as your favourite hat or childhood furniture. Yet, when I see the artist working with driftwood, I know it is not a compulsion he has because he is a sculptor. Most of his creative works are expressed in paintings. And Kaprus Jaya’s paintings are powerful and intuitive. It is this nature of intuitive connection that draws him to the pieces of driftwood that he finds. Giving them a new life and a new purpose.

Artist Process

I see the process is more like an adoption. The shapes of these old and weathered pieces of wood that have drifted in the ocean and then washed to shore. In their curves, in their creases and their scratches Kaprus sees something that touches a feeling in his imagination.

The artist process is the same here as in his abstract paintings. He is not insisting his will on how something should be. He is looking to see what is already there. To uncover a part of Nature that is real and present but still unseen. The marriage between the hand of the artist and the raw force of energy that he senses in his world is at the core of Kaprus Jaya’s art. It is perhaps even more evident in Drifting Creatures. As the driftwood pieces that weathered years and have been a cast-away in the ocean alone. Is fated to reveal its inner face. A face that resonates and comes alive through the artists’ imagination.

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