Intuitive Portraiture by Kaprus Jaya
Intuitive Portraiture by Kaprus Jaya

Ketut Kaprus Jaya is a contemporary artist with a wide ranging portfolio. Primary method of pure intuitive expressionism.

Intuitive Portraiture by Kaprus Jaya shows a collection of paintings recently begun by contemporary abstract expressionist artist Kaprus Jaya. Less than alike, more than a likeness. Read full article.

Kaprus Jaya in Sawidji is for the first time finding a new creative challenge amongst colleagues who are excited and inspired by his unique creativity. The collaborations within our small community has inspired this new series by Kaprus Jaya. In ‘More than a Likeness’ Kaprus Jaya is taking his very private internal process and for the first time connecting this part of his art to other people. Relating it to people who are present and very much part of the process in his painting.

Dewi Dian talks about the artist process behind the works in ‘More than a Likeness’

Explore the world of Intuitive Portraiture by Kaprus Jaya . See artist Portfolio and subscribe to Sawidji for updates.

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