Kaprus Abstract Journals 2011
Kaprus Abstract Journals 2011

A conversation with Kaprus Jaya as we present a collection of smaller abstract studies by the artist from 2011.

Kaprus Abstract Journals explores the artists’ smaller studies. Large, raw and energetic intuitive abstract pieces dominate Kaprus Jaya’s portfolio. Jayas’ watercolours en plain air are a distinct separation of method from his intuitive abstract expressions.

However, from 2011 Kaprus began to have a crossover into smaller studies on paper with his abstract pieces, perhaps due to the artists’ tendency to travel and paint on location with his watercolours. The freedom and spontaneity of painting outdoors was perhaps an influence in how he approached his intuitive abstract compositions.

Recently, whilst documenting Kaprus’ large collection of works we came across a series of abstract studies on paper.They have the same intense energy and complexity as the large wall size paintings, captured on paper approximately 40x60cm. Miniatures in Kaprus’ Abstract world.

Were there any differences in the process when you worked on your smaller paintings?

The first time I found it more relaxing. You feel more totally free and unburdened. The ideas are similar to the larger paintings, sometimes the memories are put into a smaller segments. Its faster. What is in my mind on a particular morning can be captured with ease. With shapes and colours that I recall from my experiences. The composition does not seem to struggle and is more quickly filled.

Kaprus Jaya

When I suddenly see it again after many years it is like a flashback. Its fresh and wonderful. The energy and the vision there, it can become a new inspiration. Like it provides another electrical current, waking up sleeping ideas.

Kaprus Jaya

Kaprus Jaya Artists’ Process..

When you see the smaller pieces it is like looking at Kaprus’ larger works in summary. If it were a conversation, it is like someone got straight to the point without any embellishments. Of course the depth in the larger pieces is integral to its complexity and beauty. Whilst the smaller studies highlight a unanimous point rather than a range of perspectives.

The small paintings brought back recollections very simply and crisply. Perhaps it is this difference that makes it an important part of the Kaprus’ process. When working on larger pieces there are more opportunities for our logical minds to come in and make arguments. The push and pull of the composition is also its beauty. Whilst in these smaller abstract studies there is no room for the mind to disturb. The intuitive energy is undisrupted and is unburdened.

What is remarkable when you look upon them is that they hold the same intense energy as much larger pieces. When an artist is accustomed to working with a lot of space and room it is not always easy to adapt to a space that may be confining. Here instead, the smaller confinement of his paper has instead freed him more to articulate and compose freely and resolutely.

Kaprus Jaya Abstract Journals 2011

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