Ketut Jaya
Ketut Jaya

Travelling to Nepal and Bhutan in 2019, Ketut Jaya captures his experiences there, through watercolours that vibrates with energy, mastery and earthy joy.

Nepal Watercolours. Ketut Jaya has exhibited extensively through his abstract expressionist work, which dominates his art. However, Ketut Jaya’s watercolours carry a luminance and energy both due to technique as well as feeling. With a love of painting ‘en plein air’, his works carry an immediacy from his environment which is fused with his raw intuitive energy.

In 2019, during a journey to the Nepal and Bhutan, Jaya recorded his journey through his watercolours. There is something exceptionally special of his works from this period. For many of his previous watercolours, they display the artists’ exercise of deliberate control. Almost like a separation from the wildness of his abstract pieces.

In Nepal and Bhutan, perhaps the freshness of a new experience, a new land inadvertently broke down some of that control and the raw, intuitive strokes of the expressionists’ hands could not help but come through. There is a grittiness, a gorgeous rhythm in each of his watercolours during this journey. Like two sides of the artist, come face to face and circle each other and here they meet. They dance.

It is a joy to see this part of the world through the eyes and heart of this artist. The following collection explores the streets of Kathmandu with Ketut Jaya.

Ketut Jaya’s ‘Nepal Series’ are available for purchase. Available in Sawidji April 2022.

See Ketut Jaya’s Contemporary Abstract Expressionist Art.

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