Social Animals
Social Animals

Social Animals, exhibition by Komang Suardiana.
April-May 2022

‘Social Animals’ is Suardiana’s second showing with Sawidji. In this immersive symbolic dialogue Suardiana explores his world through representational animal characters. Painting the socio-economic and political nuances experienced through the artists’ eyes. This series of works was completed throughout 2021. At a time when the effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic at its most intense in Bali.

The artists’ energy reverberates the excitement of a new journey. A new discovery. Exploring themes relevant and immediate in a new exciting direction. The freshness of his exploration partnering the seriousness of social-economical observations underlying each piece, makes for an intriguing meeting between idealism and a mature critical voice.

We look forward to exploring these themes and taking a closer look at each beautiful piece by Komang throughout the next few weeks.

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