Abstract IX Art Print



  • Abstract IX 2011
  • Archival Giclee Print
  • Artist Kaprus Jaya
  • A3+ matt board


Abstract IX Art Print is from Kaprus Abstract Journals 2011. Explores the artists’ smaller studies. Large, raw and energetic intuitive abstract pieces dominate Kaprus Jaya’s portfolio. Jayas’ watercolours en plain air are a distinct separation of method from his intuitive abstract expressions.

When I suddenly see it again after many years it is like a flashback. Its fresh and wonderful. The energy and the vision there, it can become a new inspiration. Like it provides another electrical current, waking up sleeping ideas.

~Kaprus Jaya

About the Artist Kaprus Jaya

Contemporary Artist Kaprus Jaya, is an artist in Bali. Born in Budakeling Karangasem Regency Bali, on the 15th July 1970. A veteran of the highs and lows of Balinese Art Industry, he has remained constant to his art with no prevarications. Through three decades of professional art practice, Ketut Kaprus Jaya has maintained and guarded the purity of his creative process. True to self, to the moment, to Nature. 

For Kaprus Jaya, art is living. There is no exclusion of art from his life. Through his art he processes his own relationship to his environment, to people, to his own inner reflections. Returning to the purest, most honest dialogue with himself and the moment in the world he is in. Abstract IX Art Print is one of seven special releases from Kaprus Jaya’s 2011 collection.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 30 × 3 cm


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