Bayangan Jiwa by Kaprus Jaya


  • Bayangan Jiwa ‘Souls’ Reflection’ by Kaprus Jaya
  • Year 2022
  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • 111 x 96 cm


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Bayangan Jiwa ‘Souls’ Reflection’ by Kaprus Jaya’s.

Bayangan Jiwa ‘Souls’ Reflection’ by Kaprus Jaya’s. In Kaprus Jaya’s abstract expressionist works, sometimes there is a figurative focus. Here is one of those instances whereby the energies that he is visualising are the ones generated by human conditions, not of Nature. In ‘Soul’s Reflection’ the artist is reflecting upon the instability of human emotions and states of mind. The volatility and intensity of what a person experiences and how it disturbs the equilibrium of ones peace of mind.

‘People live with problems. There is no one that lives without problems. We wake up and we already have to get up and shower and eat, these are. things that we have to do just by waking.’ ~ Kaprus Jaya

In this painting, the use of colours are harsher and denotes a heated intensity. Different from Jaya’s renditions in Nature or his many reflections on prayer and elements of the Natural environment. Here he is focused on an aspect of the human condition. Specifically the emotional volatility and chaos that are inevitably past of a persona mental states that challenge every individual. Emotions can take over or shadow us. The primary figure is distinguished in the piece and quite markedly is the dark shadow that stands closely to him/her. As reflected by the title the artist gave this piece, it would suggest that our emotional and mental disturbances follow us like our own shadows.

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Kaprus Jaya  is a contemporary artist featuring abstract intuitive works in multiple disciplines. His 2022 exhibitions in Sawidji Gallery explores his intuitive method through portraiture. Approaching the portrait session in a very different way. Explore ‘More than a Likeness’ and     Intuitive Portraiture by Kaprus Jaya



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