Beginners Black & White Photography


Beginners Black and White Photography with ManButur class is held on location at Sawidji Gallery Studio, or out within Ubud local surroundings. Contact us to book a session. Private and Group Lessons available.


Beginners Black & White Photography with ManButur


Beginners Black & White Photography with ManButur, photography class in Bali. This Black and White photography workshop are for those who wish to further develop their artistic skills in photography. By exploring their surroundings through a minimalist, colourless perspective you will learn different elements and principles of design that will enhance your visual captures.

ManButur Suantaras’ black and white fine art photography is known for its poetic and emotional qualities. A veteran of many photographic genres, from landscape and wildlife photography to commercial ends of the spectrum, it has been black and white that has inspired and remained ManButurs strongest passion.

Learn Black White Photography ManButur is a personalised photography class in Bali. A great way to explore the fine art of photography with an artist whose professional experience in both commercial and art segments is vast.

About ManButur

ManButur Suantara is a Fine Art Photographer. An artist, teacher and mentor in the industry for over a decade his contributions to many genres of photography are considerable. His love for Nature does not only inspire his art but also towards environmental and wildlife documentation projects. For more information on Sawidji Art and Photography projects visit Sawidji Studio.


  • Private lesson (1-2 persons) 400.000Rp/hour
  • 3-5 persons 250.000Rp/hour/per person
  • 5+ persons 200.000Rp/hour/ per person

In addition to our Beginners Black and White Photography with ManButur, Sawidji Gallery has other workshops to explore. Some of which is learning to play the Balinese Rebab,  mask carving and watercolour painting. Explore Art

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Enjoy our articles and special features of Black and White Fine Art Photography


Trees in Black and White by ManButur Suantara.

The Dance


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photography class

private lesson, 3-5persons, 5+ persons


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