Berharap Berkah By Kaprus Jaya


  • Berharap Berkah By Ketut Kaprus Jaya
  • Year 2018
  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • 87 x 75 cm


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Berharap Berkah ‘Hope for Blessings’ by Kaprus Jaya

‘Life as a Balinese begins the day through prayer. Towards a positive direction. For the community for the world for yourself. So that everything is well. Positivity is a blessing. We always have to ask, because Nature, God is ready 24 hours of listening. What we have to do is prepare the space to receive the Blessing. The positivity. In other words, we prepare ourselves to be able to receive the positivity.’ ~ Kaprus Jaya

There are figures within this abstract intuitive painting. Primarily you see the figures in red and white. The energy may appear aggressive in a certain respect. However, they are associated with the symbols that exist in our culture in its practice of prayer and worship. They represent powerful forces in Nature. Within this composition artist, Kaprus echoes strongly the power of Balinese sacred drawings known as ‘Rajah’. Images that carry rich symbolism for many aspects of Balinese life within them.

All work in the form of art and offering carry meanings in all the colours that are used. Kappus Jayas’ abstract works are strongly intuitive. He responds to the atmosphere of Balinese rituals. Identifying with the colours red, yellow and blue and the meaning they carry within ritual offerings. In our conversation, Kaprus explains,

‘Yellow represents clarity and reflection, red is strength. With the blue of the sky, the artist feels something akin to ‘the boundlessness of the infinite. White is the purity and wholeheartedness of pure honesty.’

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