Big Hero ‘Palawan Tambun’


  • Big Hero ‘Pahlawan Tambun’ 2021
  • By Komang Suardiana
  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • 50X75X5cm

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Big Hero ‘Pahlawan Tambun’ by Komang Suardiana

The piece┬áBig Hero ‘Pahlawan Tambun’ is about current social political situation. To show something that happens in society during the era of leadership. Many of the realities that occur in small communities are not noticed by their leaders. Even though they are elected to sit at the leadership table by the votes of the small people. This painting depicts a flock of ducks making noise for their sleeping leader. ~Komang Suardiana


Komang Suardiana is a contemporary painter that has grown amidst the richness of traditional art disciplines in Ubud. Immersed in the beauty of his culture and the contemporary fusions of tradition and foreign influences that is so well integrated in the Ubud community. As a result, his sharpened talents have grown with a unique depth. A sensitivity to both heritage and the present social issues that may be pivotal in the future.

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Dimensions 55 × 80 × 5 cm


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