Desaku Jauh Dari Keramaian


  • Desaku Jauh Dari Keramaian
  • By Made Delo Budiarta
  • Painting mixed media with natural paints
  • Year 2023
  • Size 145cm x 150cm

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Desaku Jauh Dari Keramaian by Made Delo Budiarta. Mixed media on canvas. Exhibited in ‘World Without Sound, an Anthology’ at Sawidji Gallery April – May 2023.

‘Desaku Jauh Dari Keramaian’ Art Print translates as ‘My Village is Far From the Crowd’ by Made Delo Budiarta. Delos’ works are influenced heavily by the classical Kamasan style which employs natural colours. Through the classical visuals of this style, he highlights the idealism of traditional culture that is in balance with nature. Focusing on environmental awareness and traditional values. Especially for our communities to respect and protect our trees.

Delo’s reflections on a world without sound make us pause for a moment and really see sound or voice as an energy of physical consequence. Sharing with us the view of the powers given to all living beings that fall into three categories of plants, animals and human beings.

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World Without Sound, an Anthology





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Dimensions 160 × 160 × 20 cm


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