Doa II


  • Doa II By Nyoman Handi
  • Mixed  Media
  • Wood Sculpture 2016
  • 34cm x 43cm x 25cm

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Doa II by Nyoman Handi. Original artwork, mixed media sculpture by contemporary artist Nyoman Handi Sawidji Gallery.

Doa II, is one of series of Doa I, III. Much of Handi’s works deal with themes of change. Not only in the environment but also in individual and collective social behaviours. His paintings reveal a layered exploration of stylised influences that he combines boldly. From tribal art to post-modernist ideas as well as energy often found in Brut Art styles.  The same themes are explored throughout his mixed media and sculptures.

‘Doa’ translates as ‘Prayer’. Prayer is the essence of worship in the form of a request that is carried out at any time by humans. 

About the Artist Nyoman Handi Yasa

Nyoman Handi


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Dimensions 34 × 43 × 25 cm


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