Ego by Kaprus Jaya


  • Ego by Ketut Jaya
  • Year 2021
  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • 140 x 83 cm


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‘Ego’ by Kaprus Jaya 2021.

‘Ego’ by Kaprus Jaya 2021. ‘I painted this because I see that people are often egotistical unconsciously. Many are disadvantaged by their egos but they are not aware of it. Because they feel they are more, or better. I painted this with the moon shining there. I mean for the moonlight to be something that is attractive but it is far away. The symbolism of the moon in this painting serves as that which people may desire, but reality of the moon is that it is beyond our grasp’. ~ Kaprus Jaya

Kaprus Jaya has returned to a few figurative expressionist works in late 2021 to early 2022. This may reflect the intensity of the social mood in Bali due to the ups and downs caused by the Pandemic. There was a climate of pressure and panic. The extremes of human character tended to come out more pronounced during these situations.

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Kaprus Jaya  is a contemporary artist featuring abstract intuitive works in multiple disciplines. His 2022 exhibitions in Sawidji Gallery explores his intuitive method through portraiture. Approaching the portrait session in a very different way. Explore ‘More than a Likeness’ and     Intuitive Portraiture by Kaprus Jaya


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