Frog Karaoke by Gusti Putu Sana

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  • Frog Karaoke by Gusti Putu Sana
  • Year 1997
  • Ink and Acrylic on Paper
  • 55x37x5cm


Frog Karaoke by Gusti Putu Sana. A an artist from Pengosekan, Ubud. Gusti Putu Sana is a traditionalist with his own unique mark on his paintings. With an impressive career spanning over 40 years. A contemporary post war traditional artist that has stood the test of time. One of the true lasting survivors of his generation.

There is one particular story in the ‘Tantri’ fables, that of a frog that fell in love with a human girl. This particular story is the inspiration of his many pieces that depict frogs in many aspects of both traditional and contemporary life.

Frog Karaoke by Gusti Putu Sana piece reflects a theme that is well known of Sana’s extensive portfolio. Frog Karaoke reflects a thematic twist that is truly owned and extensively explored by this artist. Through his explorations of traditional fables ‘Tantri’ Gusti Putu Sana commentates on society through the depiction of frogs and other animals with human characteristics.

This piece reflects the artists’ sharp sense of humour and appreciation of a good laugh. Gusti Putu Sana has a generous sense of wit. In his depictions of society, their activities and behaviours through the depictions of animals, he accentuates those behaviours. Because we see them through a different foreign representation, it is natural that the behaviour is emphasised. Compared to Cremation, the mood in ‘Frog Karaoke’ is more often found in the artists traditional pieces with contemporary themes.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 55 × 37 × 5 cm


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