Galungan Art Print


Galungan Art Print
by Delo
Archival Art Print
Print Size Options: A3+


Galungan Art Print, original painting by Delo, 2021.

The original painting ‘Galungan, by Delo’  employs the Kamasan technique from Klungkung. Well known for its classical linearity and simplicity of colour application. Kamasan technique is otherwise known as Wayang painting. Kamasan paintings depict stories from both the Mahabharata and other Indian epics as well as the of local origin. Often relating the lives of deities, royal houses as well as common families on occasion.

In the past, we were always waiting excitedly for Galungan. Impatiently waiting for this day. Now, already a percentage of that feeling is gone. Why? How can that be so? Where lies the error in our awareness, that this can become like this? Why is it now, to find the feeling of Galungan day like in the past, it seems we have to reach a great distance? In truth, we did not have much money in the past. But happiness we always had during Galungan. Now, we have money, but the happiness is not as it was before.


I Made Budiarta (Delo) is a second generation framer, graduate of Seni Rupa (Fine Arts) and is an established painter and sculptor/carver.  Both the artists’ sculptural and painterly works remain true to a raw and honest expression of the artists’ deep respect and love for his culture and the Earth. It is with this deep respect that he poses the questions we sense in his works. They pose questions on the changes he sees affecting traditional life.

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