Harmony by Delo


Harmony by Delo
  • Year: 2021
  • Medium: canvas, acrylic, rice milk primer.
  • Dimensions: 105×105 cm

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Harmony by Delo.

Physically, trees are a vital element in maintaining environmental harmony both artistically and functionally. Artistically, trees are the dominant element in displaying the beauty of nature. Functionally, trees are associated with soil fertility and its practical benefits for human life. The function of such a tree is visualized in the works entitled “Harmony”.

In the work entitled “Harmony”, trees are shown as subject matter with other supporting objects in the form of farmer plowing activities, views of rice fields, rivers, and so on. The work intends to describe the harmony of human life with nature (trees).

This work is part of ‘Inauguration of Trees‘ Exhibition February 2022 Sawidji Gallery

About the Artist

I Made Budiarta (Delo) is a second generation framer, graduate of Seni Rupa (Fine Arts) and is an established painter and sculptor/carver.  Both the artists’ sculptural and painterly works remain true to a raw and honest expression of the artists’ deep respect and love for his culture and the Earth. It is with this deep respect that he poses the questions we sense in his works. They pose questions on the changes he sees affecting traditional life.

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