In Bitra Limited Edition Art Print


Title: In Bitra Art Print by Harijadi
Signed by Artist
Year: 2021
Medium: Archival Paper and Ink
Dimensions: A3 (Original Artwork Size)


In Bitra Art Print by Harijadi, Limited Edition . The original work ‘In Bitra’ by Harijadi  is a study of exceptional detail in ink. Exceptional constancy and vision that sees one extreme to the other. For example, this drawing is executed using one pen. One thickness. Archival black drawing pen is used to render a scene in black and white. Rendering light and dark through an array of textures depicting these shadowed places.

Our Quiet Places. Perhaps Harijadi’s works speaks eloquently because he renders such locations with such extreme precision and focus combined, capturing the underlying atmosphere. The black and white serves as a perfect metaphor for the very central aspect of our spiritual places. This is Nature’s Balance. The Black and White of Light and Dark. That is the poetic beauty in Harijadi’s works.

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This piece ‘In Bitra Art Print by Harijadi ‘is part of the Sawidji Private Collection. Reproduction available in Art Prints, signed by the artist.

About the Artist 

From a very young age Harijadi was always interested in mechanics. Which is why he undertook the tertiary studies of Mechanical Engineering.

However, one of the biggest turning points in his life was the failure to graduate from Mechanical Engineering. Nonetheless, it was failure to establish an engineering career that leads him to art. Therefore, it was the perfect redirection.

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Additional information

Weight 0,8 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 2 cm


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