Intuitive Painting with Made Kaek


Intuitive Painting class with contemporary artist Made Kaekin the artist home studio and gallery Rumah Paros. Contact us to book a session. Private and Group Lessons available.


Intuitive Painting with Made Kaek at Rumah Paros Bali


There has been a growing popularity in intuitive and expressive painting classes in recent years. And many of the available classes are centred on guided meditations. However, this intuitive painting class in Bali is a session with a renowned contemporary artist whose portfolio is renowned for his unique intuitive process.

It is a great way to explore your creativity with Made Kaek, who is a master of intuitive and brut art processes. This  intuitive painting class may be a private or group session and it is held in Rumah Paros, the artist’s home and studio gallery ins Sukawati Bali. Set in a cosy garden also surrounded by Made Kaeks’ beautiful art. This is a great way to experience the studio process and mentorship of this wonderful creative contemporary master.

About Made Kaek

Made Kaek is a contemporary artist residing in Banjar Palak Sukawati Bali. He is a graduate of law and a self-taught artist with an impressive personal history. Made Kaek is a creative pillar with pivotal contributions to the landscape of contemporary Indonesian art.


  • Private lesson 400.000Rp/hour/per person
  • 2-5 persons 250.000Rp/hour/per person
  • 5+ persons 200.000Rp/hour/ per person

In addition to our Intuitive Painting with Made Kaek, Sawidji Gallery also has other workshops that you can explore. Some of which is to learn to play the Balinese Rebab,  mask carving and watercolour painting. Explore Art

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Made Kaek

An Insightful Contradiction of Art and Law.. Made Kaek


Additional information

painting classes

private lesson, 2-5persons, 5+ persons


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