Kesadaran Kembali Kehati


  • Kesadaran Kembali Kehati By Nyoman Handi
  • Mixed Media on Wood and Canvas
  • Year 2016
  • 115,5cm x 160,8cm

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Kesadaran Kembali Kehati by Nyoman Handi, Sawidji Gallery.

Original Artwork, mixed media by contemporary artist Nyoman Handi Yasa.

Kesadaran Kembali Kehati is one of the primary pieces in a remarkable collection by this artist. As with ‘Pertiwi‘ the Nyoman Handi’s’ unique style layers painting and fuses images with the driftwood pieces assembled into an artwork that breathes its character with the aged wood surface as its canvas. The texture of the wood and Handi’s style meld together beautifully in the delivery of this message. A visual feast full of symbolism and contrasts. The colours in Handis’ palette are bold and honest. A masterpiece that succeeds in speaking to us on many visual and emotional levels.

What happens in Nature is a symbol of greed that makes the earth angry. Then on the left is Meru, home and simplicity. There must be dialogue and discussion. And teachings about actions and consequences so that there can be understanding. Two hands and two figures. Symbols of positive and negative who want to stop destroying the cosmos are in the background.

~Nyoman Handi

Nyoman Handi is part of Sawidji Gallery and Artist Collective. Learn more about the artist Balinese artist whose art explores environmental and social themes on canvas and mixed media platforms.

In this series by Man Handi, ‘Pertiwi‘ is another masterpiece by this unique young talent.

Nyoman Handi


Tarian Alam II


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Dimensions 115,5 × 160,8 × 20 cm


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