Lazy Pig Art Print


Lazy Pig Art Print
by Dewa Tresna Nadi
Archival Art Print
Dimensions: A3+


Lazy Pig Art Print

Lazy Pig Art Print by Dewa Tresna Nadi.

The art of self criticism. Dewa Tresna Nadi’s circling thoughts on quitting smoking is what led to this piece. Apparently, it is quite common in colloquial Bali when someone perceived to be behaving stupidly they are chastised as being ‘like a pig’. The stupidity of the pig is the general consensus . Dewa Tresna Nadi has had it in his mind to quit smoking for some time but is still smoking even now. This makes him laugh at his own stupidity. It is the price of cigarettes that is the primary motivation for wanting to quit. However, he says he is still smoking that is why he thinks ‘that is stupid’.

Sawidji Artists’ original artworks are available as art prints. Sawidji Art Prints are printed with archival grade ink on premium grade paper. Available in A3+ size with matt board.

Interview with the Artist


Additional information

Weight 0,8 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 2 cm
Frame Options

Mattboard, Natural Wood, White, Dark Brown


A3+, A2


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