Love Fairytale by Made Kaek


  • Love Fairytale
  • Artist Made Kaek
  • Year 2023
  • Mixed Media
  • 60cm x 60cm

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Love Fairytale by Made Kaek

Love Fairytale by Made Kaek, is an acrylic and pastel piece by Made Kaek, 2023

Depicting the behaviour of various human characters. This work was born from my contact with various human characters who of course have unique, different psychology from each other, especially their faces.

Made Kaek

About the Artist

A contemporary artist residing in Banjar Palak Sukawati Bali. A graduate of law and a self-taught artist. Made Kaek is a creative pillar with pivotal contributions to the landscape of contemporary Indonesian art.

Learn more about Made Kaek through his fascinating background as a self-taught artist and graduate of law in the following article An Insightful Contradiction Between Art and Law.


Law is not absolute. It should not be but yet it can be twisted. When there is the heart.. you can’t survive in the law with your hearts’ idealism… Right or wrong isn’t there in the law… in my DNA my mother is there… I can do the profession but that world seems like a very strange world. It is that world that seems wilder. I moved away from that. ..My parents are very democratic. As long as I can survive with my art… So.. ok, I can live.. and I can survive through art.

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An Insightful Contradiction of Art and Law.. Made Kaek

Made Kaek

Intuitive Painting with Made Kaek

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Dimensions 60 × 60 × 10 cm


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