Memburu Waktu


  • Memburu Waktu (Chasing Time)
  • By Nyoman Handi
  • Wood Sculpture 2017
  • 78cm x 112,7cm x 23cm

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Memburu Waktu by Nyoman Handi, Sawidji Gallery. Mixed media sculpture by contemporary artist Nyoman Handi.

‘Memburu Waktu’ translates as ‘chasing time’. Much of Handi’s works deal with themes of change. Not only in the environment but also in individual and collective social behaviours. His paintings reveal a layered exploration of stylised influences that he combines boldly. From tribal art to post-modernist ideas as well as energy often found in Brut Art styles.  The same themes are explored throughout his mixed media and sculptures.

Nyoman Handi Yasa is a contemporary Balinese artist whose art explores environmental and social themes on canvas and mixed media platforms. His influences are derived strongly from primitive art as well as contemporary narrative styles. The result is a gorgeous fusion of new-generation social consciousness spoken through a visual language that echoes our ancient beginnings.

The most important thing about art is that we can communicate a message from our work and our work can be recognised that it is the artist’s work. That people can understand and receive the message in the community

Nyoman Handi

Kesadaran Kembali Kehati


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Dimensions 112,7 × 78 × 23 cm


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