Menyatukan Rasa by Kaprus Jaya


  • Menyatukan Rasa by Ketut Jaya
  • Year 2019
  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • 87 x 75 cm


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‘Menyatukan Rasa’ by Kaprus Jaya or otherwise titled ‘Unifying Feeling’. Acrylic on canvas by contemporary artist Ketut Kaprus Jaya.

‘There was a ceremony, it is called Odalan. There are shapes that you see associated with this ceremony. Shapes of the Pratima. Like lions and other shapes. There are symbols from Nature here that human beings then translate and derive meaning from it. I was focusing my own prayers. Perhaps through this painting I was digging into my own feelings, to arrive at a point where my feelings were clear and quiet, so that I can offer my prayer to Semesta. This was what is behind this painting.

~ Kaprus Jaya

Ketut Kaprus Jayas’ works are categorically abstract expressionist. There is an aspect that we should include when looking at the works of Kaprus Jaya. That is the intuitive and meditative elements in the artists’ approach to creating art.  As mentioned in the artist statement, he was focusing on his own internal preparation for prayer. Through the action of painting, navigates through the shapes that he sees. Going beyond the visuals of physical ceremony and beyond the outward aspect of prayer. It portrays the artists’ self preparation for prayer. Captured through the process of this painting.

Some points on the composition..

The painting has a marked linear groundwork. Then it builds upon layers with echoes of the shapes of the Pratima that Jaya alludes to. It gathers in the middle of the composition in a centre full of energy and movement. With the boldness of colours and shapes. When you take a step back and look at the whole piece and not at any one part, there is a sensation of a moving mist or cloud. That is beginning to surround the disorder and the noise in the frame. There is a sensation that mist has not settled but is in the process of settling. Like a blanket over the hustle and bustle of a city crowd, it will glide over and settle over it all.

This painting ‘Menyatukan Rasa’ (‘Unifying Feeling’) is energy captured. With all the many fragments of the subconscious being willed to settle. In the middle of this struggle, is where this painting lies. In the middle of a climb towards the peak. If this was a photograph, you might see a crowded city street, with a white cloud half coming over. It is not of a storm but perhaps a cloud of light and clarity.

Many of Ketut Jaya’s works are coded with a subconscious symbolism. Perhaps not deliberate or academic. It is instinctive. it is a part of the very intimate relationship that lies between us and Nature within the Balinese culture. This language that unites the two worlds is one. Though unspoken it is well acknowledged by the majority.

About the Artist

Ketut Jaya was born in Budakeling Karangasem Regency Bali, on the 15th July 1970. A veteran of the highs and lows of Balinese Art Industry, he has remained constant to his art with no prevarications. Through three decades of professional art practice, much of his work has been categorised Abstract Expressionism, with strong intuitive elements. Whilst maintaining a constant discipline in developing his technical skills through portraiture and landscape. Ketut Jaya has maintained and guarded the purity of his creative process. True to self, to the moment, to Nature.

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