‘Mohon Berkah’ by Ketut Jaya


  • ‘Mohon Berkah’ by Ketut Jaya, 2007
  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • 120 x 150cm


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‘Mohon Berkah’ (‘Please Bless’) by Ketut Jaya

The theme of this work centres on the concept of the ‘Pratima’ from our culture. Pratima is a symbol of the Gods or Deity that is worshipped.  The colours are attractive.When people go to temples to pray, perhaps these figures that serve as symbols help many to focus their prayers. It is not the worship of statues, but that they are representations of the Higher Being.

There are two figures that can be identified inside this composition and one could say hey are the flashbacks from the artists’ memories of these situations and recollections. The two figures do not in fact represent the Pratima.

Many of Ketut Jaya’s works are coded with a subconscious symbolism. Perhaps not deliberate or academic. It is instinctive. it is a part of the very intimate relationship that lies between us and Nature within the Balinese culture. This language that unites the two worlds is one. Though unspoken it is well acknowledged by the majority.

The two figures perhaps represent those in prayer. In them we can see there are three eyes, not two on each figure. This is quite interesting. It signifies not our physical eyes. But our inner eyes. To see with our hearts. We call this ‘Mata Hati’ the hearts’ eye. Three is synonymous to the Trinity. In Balinese culture, it is important to recognise there is Below, Middle, High. The path of cultivating self reflection and understanding must perhaps explore all three levels of ourselves as well.

Ketut Jaya was born in Budakeling Karangasem Regency Bali, on the 15th July 1970. A veteran of the highs and lows of Balinese Art Industry, he has remained constant to his art with no prevarications. Through three decades of professional art practice, much of his work has been categorised Abstract Expressionism. Whilst maintaining a constant discipline in developing his technical skills through portraiture and landscape. Ketut Jaya has maintained and guarded the purity of his creative process. True to self, to the moment, to Nature.

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