Night Wish Art Print


Night Walk Art Print
by I Komang Budi Sancita
Archival Art Print
Print Size: A3+


Night Wish Art Print, original art by I Komang Budi Sancita

Night Wish Art Print, by I Komang Budi Sancita. This is an instalment by Sawidji Gallery in something we consider very special. Sawidji Gallery is introducing a new category, ‘Young Creatives’ and welcoming the creative expressions of our newest generation. Encouraging their free expression, wise and often profound stories into our collection. We will be adding more from our young community. Their works will appear in Sawidji Art Prints and soon in Sawidji Designs.

Young Creatives: Sawidji Youth Incentive

A significant proportion of proceeds from the purchase of ‘Young Creatives’ will go back into supporting our young artists in their education and creative development.

About the Artist

I Komang Budi Sancita is 16 years old. He was born in October 2004. At present, Komang is still pursuing his higher school education. Komang enjoys painting and has a unique story telling talent through his paintings. There is already an layer of mystery in the atmosphere of his paintings, in beautiful contrast to the bold and straightforward style of his use of colours and brushwork.


Other works by this young artist

Sawidji Artist Collective have a range of Art Prints for sale through Sawidji Gallery Online Shop. All Art Prints released by Sawidji Gallery are printed in house on archival fine art paper. Shop Online Art Prints at Sawidji Gallery and Support Sawidji artist community.


Additional information

Weight 0,8 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 2 cm


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