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The Novel Drawing Art Workshop is a form of meditation to bring out the natural guiding intuition that is a stabilising force in our subconscious and affirms positive mental states of calm and peace.

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Novel Drawing with Suklu

Sawidji Art Gallery and Batu Belah Art Space with Sujana Suklu present Novel Drawing with Suklu, Sawidji Art Workshop.

Novel Drawing is a conceptual art workshop, designed as an effective art therapy program. A form of “inter-textual” action to explore your thoughts, both conscious and subconscious. It is a dialogue between yourself and the novel using the simple tactile medium of charcoal. A meditative and conceptual process that opens up an intuitive dialogue of your own story in response to a novel.

Freeing the body and mind from conditioned controls. Connecting to your intuition and encouraging you to draw freely onto the novel sheets. The Novel Drawing Art Workshop has a primary objective. It is a proven program designed as art for therapy by Dr Sujana Suklu. which is now available through Sawidji. Ideal for general wellness as well as for alleviating any excess stress and anxiety. It is a time for free self-expression.  As a result of this workshop, you will also obtain visual concepts and patterns as a means of better understanding your subconscious mind and memory.

About Sujana Suklu

Sujana Suklu is known as a progressive thinker of contemporary art in Bali. With a pioneering vision that reflects a universal philosophy. Sujana Suklus’ contributions are vast in scope, encompassing multi-disciplinary fields within fine arts, academic and community platforms. Suklus’ academic research explores ways to bring art methodologies into communities cultivating and preserving local wisdom whilst expanding existing skill sets. The beauty of this research is that it has been applied and is actively growing in communities today.

Dr. Sujana Suklu holds a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from the Institute of Technology Bandung and a Doctoral in Fine Arts from the Institute of Art Denpasar. He is presently active as a lecturer at the Institute of Fine Art Denpasar. He is Chairman of Batu Belah Art Space and Community, Chairman of Catur Community (Mandala Of Life) and is Committee member of Art Visual and Architect of Listibia Klungkung

Sujana Suklu


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