Panen Padi Art Print


Panen Padi Art Print
by I Dewa Made Bawa
Archival Art Print
Dimensions: A3+


Panen Padi Art Print By I Dewa Made Bawa

Panen Padi Art Print, is a print of original Balinese painting by I Dewa Made Bawa. I Dewa Made Bawa is a traditional Balinese painter from Pengosekan Ubud. His paintings range from the classical style of Pengosekan to the more contemporary variant of Flora Fauna.

This particular painting falls into the classical style of Pengosekan. This style often depicts the daily lives and activities of village life. In this instance ‘Panen Padi’ treats the subject of Rice Harvest. the artist has a beautiful ‘abur’ technique.

When we refer to the ‘abur’ technique, we are referring to the shading technique that uses the hand made bamboo brushes. The shading of black ink on canvas makes up a large part of the traditional painting method. Also, in this case, I Dewa Made Bawa uses colours somewhat thinly. Though still layered, so it does not take away from the depths of the black base applied. This is a fine example of the Pengosekan classical genre with a twist of the artists’ particular flavour of colours.

Sawidji Artists’ original artworks are available as art prints. Sawidji Art Prints are printed with archival grade ink on premium grade paper. Available in A3+ size with matt board.

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Additional information

Weight 0,8 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 2 cm
Frame Options

Mattboard, Natural Wood, White, Dark Brown


A3+, A2


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