Pasar Natural Art Print


Pasar Natural Art Print
by I Dewa Made Bawa
Archival Art Print
Print Size Options: A3+


Pasar Natural  Art Print, by I Dewa Made Bawa

Pasar Natural Art Print by I Dewa Made Bawa. The original painting is in the Classical Pengosekan Style. Pasar Natural, a painting rendered in black and white depicting the classical theme of every day activities within the village. The artist paints  the market scene. His renditions often gravitate between contemporary nuances of brighter colours and modern additions to the composition. However, the artist will often choose to paint with the simplicity of black and white. True to the Pengosekan style, There is the additional layering of red and yellow to the black and white base.

About the Artist

I Dewa Made Bawa is born in Pengosekan. He has painted for over 40 years and have remained steadfast in his commitment to his art. Also, I Dewa Made Bawa has a well established reputation for his skill and mastery of classical subjects as well as the Flora Fauna style of Pengosekan area. In fact, he also is well renowned for his specialty, ducks! He has taught traditional painting and is still active with multiple projects in his community.

Traditional painting is part of his core identity. As someone from Pengosekan, the classical arts in music, dance and painting is part of the group identity. Pengosekan’s reputation in the arts enjoy a very high praise throughout Bali. Considered a leader in the areas of dance and music also. Refer to Gamelan Cudamani.

Sawidji Artists’ original artworks are available as art prints. Sawidji Art Prints are printed with archival grade ink on premium grade paper. Available in A3+.

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