Pigs and Masks Art Print


Pigs and Masks
by Dewa Tresna Nadi
Archival Art Print
Dimensions: A3+


Pigs and Masks Art Print

Pig and Masks Archival Giclee Art Print by Dewa Tresna Nadi available through Sawidji Gallery.

Pigs and Masks  by Dewa Tresna Nadi the masks represent the opinions and perceptions of others. It shows that the masks view others as pigs. There are many faces. Unpredictable faces that hide the true faces behind them. The faces that you see are not honest expressions but social veneers that enjoy judging others.

This painting is a social commentary. In particular, the social pretensions prevalent in society. It is showing again the artists’ own sharp but quiet humour, teasing those who think they are very clever in hiding their real feelings. Those who think they can deceive others with their pretense.

Sawidji Gallery collection in archival giclee prints show a range  of reproduced artworks by our artist community. Sawidji Art Prints are printed with archival grade ink on premium fine art paper. Available in A3+ size with matt board.

Artist Background

Classically trained in the traditional method, Dewa went on to study contemporary techniques. A calm presence with deep mindfulness. His art reveals his discernment of society and their veneers. His self reflections wonderful and frank. Dewa Tresna joins Sawidji towards the end of our first year and we look forward to future collaborations with a wonderful talent.


Interview with the Artist


Additional information

Weight 0,8 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 2 cm
Frame Options

Mattboard, Natural Wood, White, Dark Brown


A3+, A2


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