Putri Duyung


Putri Duyung Decorative Mask
Designed and Carved by Ketut Sukerta.
Made of Waru Wood
30cm x 18cm x 8 cm

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Putri Duyung, Decorative Mask by Mask Maker Ketut Sukerta.

Carved from Waru wood, Hibiscus Tiliaceaus, which is known for its beautiful grain and colouring. For this reason, the colours applied to the mask is kept only in chosen areas. This is to allow for the natural grain and colouring of the wood to shine through. The effect is striking. The natural colour of the wood becomes the natural colour of Putri Duyung’s skin tone. This mask was done together along with Dewi Bawang. They go nicely together side by side or on their own carrying their own stories.

Putri Duyung tells the story of a of a baby that was washed away by the currents and lost to the sea. The baby was protected by a Mermaid and was raised until grown and became a beautiful young woman

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 10 cm


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