Rainbow Buddha


Rainbow Buddha

  • Hand Carved Crocodile Wood
  • Dimensions: 15cm x 15cm x 20cm

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Rainbow Buddha by Ketut Dana. Rainbow Buddha is hand carved sculpture of Buddha from Crocodile Wood by our wonderfully gifted Sculptor Ketut Dana. In this particular version, Sawidji artists have then added their expressive colors upon Ketut Dana’s sculpture. The theme for this piece is the light and imagination of the Rainbow.

Ketut Dana’s works have a tangible vibrating beauty. The artist’s singular and modest dedication for his creations is humbling and admirable. It is evident in Rainbow Buddha, the perfect balance of his lines and the subtlety of their curves. The work that we have before us is as close to elegant perfection that the hands can make. Sawidji Gallery is honoured to have the opportunity to bring Ketut Dana’s talents to the world.

Ketut Dana has an affinity with the Buddha as a subject. It is the artists’ self professed favourite shape to carve. When asked why this is his favourite,

I am happy making the Buddha statue. Perhaps because I learned this early from the very beginning. But once I heard a story about the Buddha. That he was a wealthy man. However, he wished to let go of everything worldly and wished to be one with God, that he wished to let go of everything. That is what I liked about it.

Ketut Dana

Crocodile Wood

Rainbow Buddha is carved out of Crocodile Wood. Crocodile Wood is also sometimes referred to as the Ivory of Woods because of the similarity of color and smooth finish of the two trees. Both yield surprisingly easy-to-carve wood of medium hardness. Crocodile wood is also interesting in that the heart is sometimes a stunning shade of purple

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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 20 cm


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All hand carved statues by Sawidji have been treated with a careful drying process. All woods undergo a complete treatment for safe shipping. Preparatory treatments are thorough. In addition to preparatory treatment, when our statues have been painted, they are further sealed with their appropriate natural varnish. for a natural finish, however, with all the safety and care measures in place.

Maintenance of your Sawidji Hand Carved Statues should be regular polish with beeswax. The colours and the grain of the wood will only deepen and be more vibrant with time.

Rainbow Buddha by Ketut are available for order. However, please note that lead time may vary order to order. Ketut Dana dedicates to each piece the same focus and dedication.

Lead time is approximately 10-14 working days for oder dispatched.

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