‘Rajah Ikan’ by Ketut Jaya


  • ‘Rajah Ikan’ by Ketut Jaya, 2018
  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • 72x63cm


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‘Rajah Ikan’ (‘Fish Drawing’) by Ketut Jaya

There is a belief that in our ocean there is a fish with a trunk.. this fish keeps coming into my vision..the guardian of the ocean… Gajah Mina.. and the other beings of the ocean..

At a glance you see an energetic, powerful portrait depicting a great fish. The word ‘Rajah’ is very similar to ‘Raja’ which means King. One could not be faulted for thinking this is a portrait of the ‘King of Fishes’.

We have seen a strong characteristic of Ketut Jaya’s creative practice the need to be out in the open. This time away, however remote or not, it is during this time that these portrait dialogues are born. It is accurate to describe these chapters very much as a meditation. However, much like everything about Ketut Jaya, there are hidden layers of perfect meaning that you find as you delve deeper.

A Little About ‘Rajah’

One perfect example is this reference to ‘Rajah’.  ‘Rajah’ is in fact a type of drawing, a particular Balinese tradition  of simple line drawing.. but strong. It holds power. The function of ‘Rajah’ is for ritual.. serving like a catalyst or a key between the two worlds. ‘Rajah’ can be on paper or wood or earth, can be on the body…

A person who is a spiritual practitioner, may even have a ‘Rajah’ tattooed on his tongue. As with many forms of traditional practice, there are firm guidelines ‘Pakem’ that is applied to the method. With the drawing of Rajah, it depends on what material it is drawn, the form is appropriated to the material. But at the core of it, it  is about conviction and belief.

an Inspiration

The subject of ‘Rajah’ is quite simply a profound inspiration to the works and process of Ketut Jaya. Not so much as unacademic exploration, but a far more integral and primitive one.  How can a simple line be filled with power..in the privacy of his contemplations, his dialogue with Nature.. perhaps there is this core question that he is searching for an answer..

Why are you drawn to this?

.. it is so simple but powerful. With such a simple line but can express something that manifests an energy, a line can come alive.. that to me is a powerful mystery. It requires a depth of self exploration to dig deep into oneself to be able to find this power, to harness this purity,.. to put all of yourself into your line..

Ketut Jaya was born in Budakeling Karangasem Regency Bali, on the 15th July 1970. A veteran of the highs and lows of Balinese Art Industry, he has remained constant to his art with no prevarications. Through three decades of professional art practice, much of his work has been categorised Abstract Expressionism. Whilst maintaining a constant discipline in developing his technical skills through portraiture and landscape. Ketut Jaya has maintained and guarded the purity of his creative process. True to self, to the moment, to Nature.

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