Ruang Kehidupan


  • Ruang Kehidupan By Nyoman Handi
  • Mixed Media on Wood and Canvas
  • Wood Sculpture 2016
  • 121cm x 180cm

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Ruang Kehidupan by Nyoman Handi, Sawidji Gallery.

Ruang Kehidupan is an original artwork, mixed media by contemporary artist Nyoman Handi. ‘Ruang Kehidupan’ translates to ‘Living Space’.

Inspired by Barong and Rangda..themes of good and evil.. positive and negative. In Nature things, you should consider if it will be good for the future. Before you take action you should consider the repercussions of those actions before you undertake them. There are concepts in Balis’ philosophy of positive and negative, that explains that positive and negative cannot be separated from each other. That they are part of Natural Law. It doesn’t have to be only in the short term..  but the hand that takes and gives has far-reaching consequences. ~ N.H

Nyoman Handi


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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 121 × 180 × 10 cm


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