• Rubble
  • By ManButur Suantara
  • Limited Edition 25
  • Fine Art Archival Print
  • Size A2


Rubble by ManButur Suantara. Limited Edition of 25, Sawidji Gallery. Black and white series, landscape photography in the ManButur Black and White Collection.

Mineral Matters in Black and White is a selection of landscapes that enjoys and traces the mineral surfaces in the environment. Whether they be man-made or natural, there is a powerful presence from this matter that translates beautifully in black and white. They are Natures architecture.

About the Artist

He is a photographer, teacher and mentor in the industry for over a decade. His contributions to the many genres of photography are vast. His love for Nature does not only inspire his art but also his environmental and wildlife documentation projects. Considerable in scope and dedication as his way of giving back to Mother Nature.

Rubble is part of ManButurs’ black and white landscapes presented in Sawidji Gallerys’ Featured collections. Explore Mountain, Water, Trees and Solitude. Imperious is part of the Silent Stones Collection.

Explore articles and programs by Dian Dewi and ManButur at Sawidji Studio Art and Photography


I Hear You..Tree

Solitude in Black and White

Trees in Black and White by ManButur Suantara.

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