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  • Sejoli By Nyoman Handi
  • Oil Paint Media on Guitar
  • Year 2016
  • 105cm x 40cm


Sejoli by Nyoman Handi, Sawidji Gallery.

Sejoli is an original artwork, mixed media by contemporary artist Nyoman Handi. The word Sejoli means a pair, of a man and a woman. A couple or a team. Combining this theme Sejoli with the shape of both phallic and feminine shapes in the form of the guitar. As well as being synonymous with melody and music, musician and instrument. This is characteristic of the very poetic nature of Handis’ art.

Nyoman Handi Yasa is a contemporary Balinese artist whose art explores environmental and social themes on canvas and mixed media platforms. His influences are derived strongly from primitive art as well as contemporary narrative styles. Handi has a portfolio that is wide-ranging, with experimentation on a wide range of surfaces and objects. Including recyled objects as well as natural textures. Bringing a unique aesthetic to his mixed media art that carries a strong visual signature.

Handi, on his early influences..

“Widayat..Picasso.Van Gogh and Renoir..when I look at their works I think ‘ how did they get there.. what influenced them to get their works there to that point?.. in those times.. we only had traditional paintings so seeing something so different left quite an impression on me..”

Nyoman Handi

Kesadaran Kembali Kehati


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Dimensions 105 × 40 × 10 cm


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