Senyap by Nyoman Handi


  • Senyap by Artist Nyoman Handi
  • Year 2023
  • Oil on canvas
  • Size 55cmx 55cm
  • Exhibited in ‘World Without Sound’
  • Sawidji Gallery April -May 2023

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Senyap by Nyoman Handi Yasa. Oil on canvas. Exhibited in ‘World Without Sound, an Anthology’ at Sawidji Gallery April – May 2023.

‘Those who cannot see but can feel it. Those who see but do not understand what they see. Those that hear sounds but do not listen. Every person living their life has their own way. Every person’s way to happiness is different. The Sun and Moon even if we cannot see them closely, there is something of them that we can feel and we feel this gift and their presence.

‘Senyap’ and ‘Damai’ ( Silence and Peace) by Nyoman Handi are oil on canvas paintings exhibited in ‘World Without Sound, an Anthology’ by Nyoman Handi Yasa. Nyoman Handi is a contemporary artist whose art explores environmental and social themes on canvas and mixed media platforms. His work is a beautiful fusion of new-generation social consciousness spoken through a visual language that echoes our ancient beginnings. The themes discussed in Handis’ works consistently explore Natures’ balance.

This central theme of the artist is interwoven in his reflections about a world without sound. That the silence is in fact simply part of the balance.

“Whatever our condition, our situations.. whatever we have, our potential.. that is what we should develop,..we cannot compare to others. We should cultivate the gifts we have been given. From Nature’s perspective, we are the same, but our behaviour towards Nature is not equal, as our behaviour toward each other is also not always fair.”

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World Without Sound, an Anthology

Tarian Alam I

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