Spiritual Reflection Giclee Print


  • Year: 2021
  • Giclee Print
  • A3+ Archival Fine Art Paper

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Spiritual Reflection Giclee Print. Spiritual Reflection .,. the existence of the tree is the main source of ideas in this collection of works of art. This subject matter may be interpreted broadly. Trees are not only considered to have an important role for human life, but also for the entire universe. The manifestation of the spiritual values ​​of trees is often shown visually through a ‘Poleng’ or Checkered cloth tied to certain trees. The significance of the ‘Poleng’ cloth in the spiritual life of Balinese people is expressed (among other things) through works entitled “Spiritual Relaxation” and “Anugerah Laut”. In both works, a tree wrapped in poleng cloth is shown as the main subject carrying the central meaning. Other elements such as temple buildings and activities of daily living are supporting themes to strengthen this meaning. Spiritual Reflection is part of ‘Inauguration of Trees‘ Exhibition February 2022 Sawidji Gallery

About the Artist

I Made Budiarta (Delo) is a second generation framer, graduate of Seni Rupa (Fine Arts) and is an established painter and sculptor/carver.  Both the artists’ sculptural and painterly works remain true to a raw and honest expression of the artists’ deep respect and love for his culture and the Earth. It is with this deep respect that he poses the questions we sense in his works. They pose questions on the changes he sees affecting traditional life. Read full Artist Profile
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Dimensions 120 × 120 × 15 cm


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