Swimming Joy


Swimming Joy
Sculpture, made of Crocodile Wood
Hand painted by Sawidji Artists.
Dimensions: 22cm x 5cm x 10cm


Swimming Joy is exquisite, innocent and vivacious. The sculpture celebrates life, playfulness and harmony.

It is evident in this piece, the perfect balance of elegant lines. It is complimented by the intricate detailed painting that adds the soft blues, yellows and golds to this youthful piece.

Crocodile Wood

Swimming Joy is carved out of Crocodile Wood. Crocodile Wood is also sometimes referred to as the Ivory of Woods because of the similarity of color and smooth finish of the two trees. Both yield surprisingly easy-to-carve wood of medium hardness. Crocodile wood is also interesting in that the heart is sometimes a stunning shade of purple.

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Additional information

Weight 1,5 kg
Dimensions 22 × 5 × 10 cm


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All hand carved statues by Sawidji have been treated with a careful drying process. All woods undergo a complete treatment for safe shipping. Preparatory treatments are thorough. In addition to preparatory treatment, when our statues have been painted, they are further sealed with their appropriate natural varnish. for a natural finish, however, with all the safety and care measures in place.

Maintenance of your Sawidji Hand Carved Statues should be regular polish with beeswax. The colours and the grain of the wood will only deepen and be more vibrant with time.

All wood carvings and sculptures in Sawidji Gallery are unique hand made creations. Our artists are developing their portfolios. We have stock available. However, should they be sold out, our sculptures are available for order, with a lead time of 14-21 working days before shipping.

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