Topeng By Kaprus Jaya


  • Topeng By Ketut Jaya
  • Year 2018
  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • 73 x 72 cm


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Topeng By Kaprus Jaya 2018.

Topeng By Kaprus Jaya 2018. ‘People are often not honest with themselves. There’s a lot of pretense. Betrayal to your true self. Living with a false face. The actions of people are not consistent with the reality of what their heart actually feels. Whilst in life I feel that we need to be real, truthful and grounded.’ ~ Kaprus Jaya

Kaprus Jaya is incredibly consistent with the honesty of his process and method. In his abstract expressionist work he primarily wields a strong intuitive drive. Those who are not familiar with his extensive portfolio are often surprised when they see the artists watercolour landscapes and portraits. Where more traditional and technical interpretations of realism is evident. The contrast in the two categories by the same artist is what makes his whole portfolio so enchanting.

In addition to Topeng by Kaprus Jaya, you may also enjoy ‘Souls’ Reflection‘ by Kaprus.

Explore Kaprus Jaya’ Portfolio and Artist profile

Kaprus Jaya  is a contemporary artist featuring abstract intuitive works in multiple disciplines. His 2022 exhibitions in Sawidji Gallery explores his intuitive method through portraiture. Approaching the portrait session in a very different way. Explore ‘More than a Likeness’ and     Intuitive Portraiture by Kaprus Jaya



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